John Hayward: Tooling Up
by Jemima Kemp

A toolmaker builds a brand new axe for when you can't see the forest for the trees
Artefact: A Melbourne Legacy
by Inga Walton

Work from thirteen Melbourne artists is interspersed throughout the permanent ‘Making Melbourne' historical exhibition at Old Treasury - how do they fit together?
Blanche Tilden & Phoebe Porter: General Assembly
by Merryn Gates

Two jewellers find an original methodology that is highly mobile but reflects a sense of place
Katherine Bowman: Duino Elegies
by Ramona Barry

Paintings by a jeweller evoke the enchanted world of western Victoria
Kate Just and Tamara Marwood: You Make Me Feel
by Stephen Gallagher

Artists form contemporary objects from the legacy of the hand made in Central Victoria
Making + Meaning: Craft in the 21st Century
by Tracey Clement

An exhibition of craft as art reveals wonderful idiosyncracies

Bruno Latour: We Have Never Been Modern
by Robert Cook

A classic text in sociology is rediscovered as a revelation for contemporary craft
Ten Years Before and After: An evaluation of the role played by collectives in recent craft
by Kevin Murray

Lecture to the Chicago Institute of Art 3 October 2007 as part of a series associated with the Object of Labor publication
by Jas Hugonnet

An exhibition plays with the role of context in how we appreciate human expression
Design for a World of Solidarity
by Adélia Borges

The 2007 Craft Victoria Annual Lecture describes a new wave of collaborations between craft and design in Latin America that reflects a world turning to cultural roots as a source of innovation.
Claw of the uncanny
by Damien Skinner

Four New Zealand jewellers deal with the haunted history of colonialism
Massclusivity Symposium
by Kelly Rude

A Toronto forum on product development of third world artisans leaves many questions unanswered