Below is a list of articles in Craft Culture regarding metal.

Blanche Tilden & Phoebe Porter: General Assembly
by Merryn Gates

Two jewellers find an original methodology that is highly mobile but reflects a sense of place

Katherine Bowman: Duino Elegies
by Ramona Barry

Paintings by a jeweller evoke the enchanted world of western Victoria

Claw of the uncanny
by Damien Skinner

Four New Zealand jewellers deal with the haunted history of colonialism

Forest or the Bush - What Jewellers Tell Us About Nature
by Kate Rhodes

A paper for the 21 April forum at Wangaratta Regional Gallery looks at the presence and absence of nature in Australian jewellery and points to a new 'tactile' encounter with the elements

Zara Collins and Katrina Freene
by Sera Waters

An exhibition delves into the mysteries of the female exotic

Raymond de Zwart: Portals & Night Vision
by Ramona Barry

A new voice in jewellery explores the link between the mechanical and the metaphysical

Solutions to Better Living
by Robyn Ho

Jewellery that engages with a complexity of interactions that exceed the confines of physical time and space

Circling and broaching the performative process of jewellery
by Roseanne Bartley

Three projects explore new terrain for jewellery as a performative practice.

Madonna Del Rosario Acquisitive Art Award
by Tracy Clement

A exhibition of religious jewellery sits uneasily in the secular world of art

Elfrun Lach: Correlation
by Ramona Barry

A new jewellery gallery heralds a fresh artistic vision that sees a reef without barriers

Plastic Fantastic review
by Florence Forrest

Its tempting to feel a certain resistance to plastics as a medium but this exhibition may change your mind.

Vito Bila review
by Rosemary Moore

Exhibition reveals the poetry of metal

Maker Viewer Wearer
by Elizabeth Moignard

A feast of stories in an exhibition of narrative jewellery

Heart of Stone: an interview with Guillermina Antunez Velasco
by Emily Howes

Chilean silversmith talks about the bare bones of making jewellery

Sally Marsland: Why are you like this and not like that?
by Alex Selenitsch

Jeweller Sally Marsland presents an array of captivating vessels

Fancy Footwork
by Pennie Jagiello

A mentorship with shoemakers begins a new journey for a Melbourne jeweller

Katherine Bowman: These are the Things That Hold Me Here
by Tracey Clement

Houses and treasures spill their guts in an exhibition that layers sentimentality, temporality and corporeality

Moon-Yang: Imagery and Motif by Shine Myung-ok Shin
by Penelope Aitken

Jewellery brings Korean and Australian worlds together with style but leaves room for substance

Light Black
by Catherine Speck

An exhibition that explores the aesthetic of science finds mystery in blackness.

Paul Leather: Fragments of Desire
by Paul Leather

Canadian jeweller Paul W. Leathers talks about his new work that explores the relationship between viewer, viewed and viewpoint.

Pearl Gillies Quenched
by Amanda Johnson

An exhibition of under- and over-scaled objects contains rich allusions to craft and literary history

Making a relationship

Dora Stockhausen and Marcus Foley explore the nature of relationships in metalware

Unnameable ring
by Christophe Burger

French jeweller Christophe Burger talks about a ring he made for 'unnameable', the Corpus show in Colmar, France

Greetings from Maoriland
by Peter Deckers

A Dutch jeweller makes work that reflects on immigrant New Zealand identity

Culturing the Body
by Roseanne Bartley

A project for tagging citizens with charged labels takes jewellery to the streets of Melbourne

Enmore 2002

Two students from Enmore Design Centre stretch metal into functional forms

Kirsten Haydon & Warwick Freeman
by Roseanne Bartley

Ex-Kiwi Melbourne jeweller looks at the evolution of Pakeha craft across generations.

Tiffany Parb's prObing jewellery
by Justin Clements

"Investigative, probing, exploratory surgery, experiment and adventure combined — the DIY medical aspects now all the more useful given the recent Aussie medical insurance collapse"

The Quantum Bowl
by Guy Parmenter

Guy Parmenter explains how his magnet bowl works

by Paul W. Leathers

Canadian jeweller Paul W. Leathers talks about his new work of domestic fossils

Zen and the art of Franz Rikert
by Julie Gibbon

A profile on the thoughtful German metalsmith who influenced Otto Kunzli and Henrick Forster

Interview with Jasmine Watson

Principal jeweller for Lord of the Rings talks about designing for the big screen