Below is a list of articles in Craft Culture regarding fibre.


Sewing All The Way To Here: The Australian Afghani Embroidery Project
by Rhonda Chrisanthou

Shepparton's growing Afghani community embarks on a complex negotation of their new identity through a craft collaboration.

Kate Just and Tamara Marwood: You Make Me Feel
by Stephen Gallagher

Artists form contemporary objects from the legacy of the hand made in Central Victoria

Julia Robinson: The Infernal Cake
by Inga Walton

Julia Robinson reconfigures Dante's epic poem as a grotesque and compelling ‘Infernal Cake'

Peta Carlin Urban Fabric: Greige
by Toby Horrocks

A exhibition brings together photography, architecture and fabric design

Sera Waters
by Pam Zeplin

Flow charts connect the craft of grandmothers to the underworld of vice

Nature through Light
by Humna Mustafa


Material by Product
by Kate Rhodes

A new range by Susan Dimasi and Chantal McDonald becomes a performance of making, both production and parade, including a focus on tattooed kangaroo leather.

Mary Louise Edwards
by Ramona Barry

From little things, big things grow

Knitting relationships: Experiences in the Philippines
by Cheryl Adams

A well-meaning venture to develop craft with a victim group leads to initial disappointment then unexpected success

by David Craig

A show of handmade objects seems to transcend distinctions of high and low art

Textiles Connection: the loom as a stage for performing community history
by Kirsty Darlaston

A weaver writes about the revealing experience of working in the public eye

Noble Rot - An alternative view of fashion
by Anthony Gardner


Presence of Things: Sense, Veneer and Guise
by Sue Green

An exhibition pairing artists with works of the Embroiderer's Guild produces some stunning results and some loose ends

Artifiction by Annabelle Collette
by Roy Ananda

Responding to the traditional crafts of Pacific cultures, Annabelle Collett generates a new body of work. But how well does it fit into the museum context?

Textile exhibitions for Festival Melbourne2006
by Sue Green

Sport provides an overdue exposure for traditional textiles and new paradigms for collaborative work, that don't always succeed.

Tamara Marwood: Stitching a Line
by Elizabeth Boyce

Bendigo artist takes a thread for a walk around a statue of Queen Victoria

Thrift To Fantasy by Rosemary McLeod
by Sue Green

The other history of New Zealand through its popular needlecraft

by Elaine Miles

A bold new project to enable collaboration between key craftspersons in the Country Women's Association and contemporary artists, ensuring the survival of local craft knowledge

The Young Telephone Wire Weaver
by Philile Simelane


Lost in Translation? Tactile Collaborations
by Margaret Baguley

Take a tour of the 16th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial

The Knitting Train
by Bridget Cameron


A Matter of Time
by Kate Murphy


Hello Tokyo
by Zoe MacDonnell

An Australian textile artist explores new territory

Tutu: Designing for Dance
by Sue Green

In early 2002, The Australian Ballet commissioned 17 of Australia's top designers to create their interpretation of a tutu to be worn by a dancer of the Australian Ballet. The only guideline was the definition of a tutu: a ballet dancer's short projecting skirt.

Journey to Hill End
by Zoe Macdonnell

A breif stay in a powerful place transforms the practice of a young textile designer

Ties for young women
by Emilie Sinclair

Why the old school tie isn't so old school any more

Ilka White: Whitework
by Rachel Gorman

White in colour, white in heritage, White in name. A new body of work celebrates liberation from expectancy

Body Felt
by Sue Green

A creative collaboration flourishes as the Gold Treasury Museum closes to craft

Warm and Fuzzy
by Emma Morgan

An exploration of felt and feeling

Pins and Needles
by Ramona Barry

Inside the glory box of the NGV

Sue Hiley Harris

An expatriate textile artist shifts her practice from scarves to sculpture, finding inspiration in geometry and nature

Chaco Kato: One day under the window
by Emily Howes

Stitched drawings open a window of fancy

Akira Isagawa in interview with Mayu Kanamori

Fashion designer Akira Isagawa finds creativity and success in the space between cultures

Shirley Cass 'Marking the Stranger'
by Harry Nankin

An exhibition featuring marked clothing alludes to lost souls

Annabelle Collett: United Notions
by Cathy Speck

Adelaide textile artist Annabelle Collet gathers together fellow artists for an exhibition of irony and comment

Holes: Surrounded by Thread
by Sarah Bond

An interesting combination between traditional and contemporary lace requires a little more dialogue

Strong Cloth: East Timor’s Tais
by Sara Niner

East Timorese textile crafts capture the spirit of a newly liberated people.

Journeys to Gujarat
by Jemma Dacre

A textile designer finds a 'rare moment of clarity' in her travels through Kutch

by Anne McMahon

An exhibition of indigenous craft at the National Gallery of Australia

Fungi conference
by Holly Story

An international fungi symposium in Denmark, Western Australia, reveals the secret life of the bush floor

Reflections on Work with Tiwi Design
by Stewart Russell

The great potential of collaboration with an indigenous community and the hard realities that sometimes ensue.

The Endless Scarf
by Blyth Toll

Blyth Toll writes about her lifetime project

A stitch in time: Re-inventing the story of the Bayeux Tapestry as set design
by Amanda Johnson

A theatre production of Bayeux tapestry explore contemporary medievalism and the dramatic device of weaving

Cicely & Colin Rigg Award
by Sue Green

An exhibition of textiles misses its craft context

Western Woollies versus Muslim mythologies
by Kate Pears

Muslim women wearing scarves should be respected as a personal choice just the same as other Western fashions

Suburban shawl
by Sherrie Knipe

Sherry Knipe trawls objects in a glamorous fabric.

Tim Gresham by Ramona Barry
by Ramona Barry

A Melbourne weaver takes inspiration from photography

Nicholas Jones folded book
by Danny Fisher

Jazz musician provides a musical response to Nicholas Jones' re-folded book

Serendipity: The Art of Designing for Kutch
by Maggie Baxter

West Australian textile artist tells story of collaboration with Kutch textile printers, and how she taught them to make 'badly'.

Edith Cowan bush camp 2002
by John Parkes

An illustrated account of the legendary West Australian bush camp for textile artists

Wild Nature
by Catherine Speck

A beautiful exhibition of work using indigenous materials rests on a questionable concept of nature.

by Alex Selenitsch

The fold is explored as a design, creative, craft and emotional device in an exhibition curated by Robyn Phelan.

Louiseann Zahra
by Sarah Bond

This stunning exhibition of delicate macabre works heralds an exciting maker

Tali Ikat: Fibre Connections

Indonesian exhibition on fibre artist with participants from south-east Asia, USA, Netherlands and Australia

Opening speech to Immigrants Garden
by Leigh Warren

Opening speech for an exhibition of work by India Flint and Stephanie Radock

Immigrants Garden
by Cath Kenneally

An Adelaide show of painting and textiles that offers a balm to the spirit

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival
by Kevin Murray

A unique craft event brings together Aboriginal and non-indigenous Australia, under the common beanie. But there are problems…

Fabrications: text and textiles conference
by Dorothy Jones

A conference at Wollongong university looks at the links between text and textile crafts in the colonial experience.

The Knitting Revolution
by Sue Green

Sue Green looks at the upsurge of interest in knitting by aritsts, celebrities and those seeking refuge from September 11.

Why I use felt
by Stephen Gevers

Stephen Gevers talks about his way of making sculptures in felt

Acid Weave by KT Doyle
by Kaye Ashton

'Much as the rug is a transportable item, KT transports her background in weave, into the digital environment.'

Home is Where the Heart Is (review)
by Juliet Peers

Juliet Piers heralds the radical critique in an exhibition of work inspired by the CWA, curated by Vivonne Thwaites.

Threads of hope
by Dawn Delaney

'Each of Timor's thirteen districts is culturally and linguistically unique with their own techniques, symbols, motifs and weaving styles.'

Notes from 2045
by Sue Green

...a mix of the old—a scholar’s hat, bags, thimbles, a child’s traditional sock—and new—face masks, a doorknob cover, a mobile phone cover, workmen’s gloves, children’s slippers.

Korean Commemorative Quilts
by Meredith Rowe

Melbourne textile artist talks about Korean re-use of fabric scraps and its relation to Australia folk traditions