Below is a list of articles in Craft Culture regarding ceramics.



Faiences Francaises and Martres Tolosane
by Penny Collet

A look at the historical development of Faience pottery in Toulouse and the challenges faced in sustainability today

Niki Sperou: Ethnographica
by Jemima Kemp

An exhibition reveals the bones of the museum

Julie Bartholomew: Transitional Bodies
by Rhonda Chrisanthou

An exhibition of white ceramics throws up a mirror to our quest for body conformity

An Echo of Butterflies - a response to Garth Clark
by Damon Moon

The respondent responds to the attack on Bernard Leach with an oriental detour

Patsy Healy
by Sarah Rice

We take a meander through a pastoral world where nature is just what it seems.

Blunting the new
by Garth Clark

The limits of ceramic tradition and the openness of the vessel as an art form

Paul Davis, Simone Fraser, Janet Mansfield, Jeff Mincham, Gail Nichols, Sandy Lockwood: Raw Earth
by Karen Finch

An exhibition of ceramics evokes sensuous landscapes

Bobbing for Apples in Brisbane
by Damon Moon

The lure of the big prizes does not mean we should abandon our craft

The flick of the switch
by Honor Freeman

A ceramicist translates her poetry of the everday into a Chilean vernacular

Wishful Thinking
by Moyra Elliot & Damian Skinner

A call for the need to develop a way of talking about ceramics that is relevant to the 21st century but still reflects the unique qualities of clay

Andreas Tesch
by Robyn Phelan

A homecoming exhibition by Berlin ceramicist

Super Objects
by Louise Mazanti

Danish craft theorist outlines the role of 'super objects' that interpret our material culture.

Bricolage: Marie Littlewood, Gerry Wedd, Gus Clutterbuck and Lesa Farrant
by Roy Ananda

Four prolific Adelaide artists engage psychological, social and material concerns through the medium of ceramics

Jennifer Lee
by Karen Finch

A show of powerful ceramics evokes influence of landscape and Japanese culture, but reveals close attention to detail

Beyond Fortress Ceramica, a knights tale
by Kevin Murray

The journey into the world of relational art finds some initial problems for craft, but it also opens new horizons

Slower architecture in China
by Lisa Norton

'Made in China' need not be purely for export. A new program seeks to develop local skills in stone artisanship

Chandraguptha Thenuwara: An artist in the age of war
by Damian Smith

"With my barrels I seek to provoke people's minds and raise civil consciousness to question the war and make them actively participate in the efforts to stop the war"

The 2006 Gary Healey Wheel Thrown Ceramic AwardThe 2006 Gary Healey Wheel Thrown Ceramic Award
by Gary Healey

Ceramicist Gary Healy was invited to write about what concerns about education prompted him to establish a Wheel Thrown Ceramic award

Snoring for your Smile
by Florence Forrest

Wake up to the possibilities of Australian figurative ceramics

Language, Craft and Politics in the National Sculpture Prize
by Tracey Clement

Viewers are pleasantly 'nonplussed' by the presence of craft in this sculpture festival

Postcard from Denmark
by Katie Jacobs

Young melbourne ceramicist sends greetings from an overseases residency.

by Jane Sawyer

An examination of an extraordinary new body of work that explores pattern, technique and rhythm

South Australian Ceramics Award 2005
by Karen Finch

Thirty of the finest makers are brought together for the impressive SA Ceramics Award

Jeff Minchum: A Potters Landscape
by Karen Finch

Maverick Jeff Mincham comes home after thirty years in the landscape.

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott: Pots
by Chris Sanders

A new show by legendary Australian ceramicist is an opportunity to celebrate the role of craft in her work

Hotline to Heaven
by Ann McMahon

Votive ceramics by Pip McManus rely on divine intervention

Silvia Stansfield: Echoes of a Landscape
by Karen Finch

Ceramics inspired by the Flinders Ranges looks back to the Chilean village

The fundamentalist urge in contemporary ceramics
by Kevin Murray

The keynote address for a conference looking at the role of material arts in contemporary society

Gone to Pot
by Ramona Barry

The Turner Prize turns to craft

Christine Borland: Conservatory and The Velocity of Drops
by Leanne Amodeo

An exhibition finds human experience in the inanimate world

Between Place
by Kylie Waters

Traces of her ancestor lead a ceramicist to explore the relationship forged beteen old and new cultures in Australia

William Holford's Art & Design - Influences on Australian Pottery
by Helen Stephens

Heritage on tour: a pioneering exhibition uncovers Australia’s industrial ceramic history

Manon van Kouswijk: Re:turn
by Robyn Phelan

Re:turn, re:appraise, re:mind. A Dutch jeweller transforms the domestic object

Angela Mellor, in collaboration with Urs Roth and Mondoluce: Ocean Light
by Judith McGrath

Swimming in the light fantastic: translucent bone china lighting harks to undersea worlds

Festival Impact on Ceramic Practice
by Penny Collet

Report on a Welsh festival that 'gets to know' the maker.

Message from the Ancestors -- On Lapita Pottery
by Oliver Howes

Ceramics tells the story of a lost people

Gary Healey
by Ramona Barry

Ramona Barry find new ceramic work filled with colours of nature

by Emily Howes

Emily Howes combines beach sand with clay in Beach Carillon, her honours project at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts

Ceramics at Ernabella
by Robin Best

Robin Best's experience working with Pitjantjara artists decorating ceramics

Chris Plumridge
by Chris Plumridge

Profile on successful Victorian ceramist

Dinosaur Designs
by Michael Desmond

Three Sydney designers aspire to be artists and have fun along the way.

Maker of the Month: Sony Manning
by Ramona Lumsden

Ramona Lumsden finds a Melbourne artist who shares her love of horizons with a circle of fellow ceramists

Jason Lim
by Jason Lim

Singaporean ceramist gives form to emotions in clay

Manos Nathan : Ceramics
by Moyra Elliot

Prominent New Zealand ceramist adapts Pueblo traditions to Maori culture

Anecdotal Evidence
by Niels Nielson Ellmoos

Launceston ceramist creates an archeology of the machine age

Websites and craft practice
by Vipoo Srivilasa

A ceramist talks about how useful his website has been.

Pippin Drysdale Tanimi Traces series
by Pippin Drysdale

West Australian ceramist gives body to Australian centre

David Ray
by Paul Magee

A reckless Melbourne ceramist recovers Keat's romantic vision.

Robbie Harmsworth & Kris Coad
by Kim Martin

Two ceramists harbour the mystery of symbols in their work

Writing Aloud
by Peter Westward

The late David Potter's ceramics reveal a complex mind and sensitive hand.

Double Click by Julie Bartholemew
by Jane Gallagher

There is an 'echo of loneliness' in these exquisite carved porcelain simulacra.

The Future of Ceramics

A forum in response to the closure of ceramics at the VCA considered the road ahead.

Yikwani - Tiwi Island Ceramics
by Kim Martin

New Aboriginal ceramics feature a play between positive and negative space.

Ceramics and the Haptic Lapse
by Damon Moon

Damon moon defends pottery against its inappropriate housing in ceramics and sculpture.

Yikwani: Tiwi Island Ceramics
by Charlotte Hallows

Charlotte Hallows consideres the 'terror and beauty' in an astounding exhibition of new Tiwi ceramics.

Contemporary Trends VCG
by Penny Collett

Penny Collett reviews the last 30 years of ceramics in a group show at Bendigo

Kirsten Coehlo: New Works in Porcelain
by Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers admires the structural integrity and honesty of Kirsten Coehlo's works in porcelain

Connie Dryden Obituary
by Alistair Whyte

A moving tribute to a singular presence in the ceramic community.

Angelina Brazzale
by Paul Magee

"A flotilla of boat people dolls, with wide-eyes and lashes. A series of commemorative pouring pots, these scapeboats and spines."

Ceramic drums
by Alistair Whyte

Ritual of Tea and chaT
by Pam Zeplin

'.. it was Fuller´s old, cracked, chipped and dreary Johnson cups, complete with their muddy high tide marks, that deeply unsettled me.'

A report from India
by Sandra Bowkett

"The parents continue making pottery with the help of daughters and daughter-in- laws, but in this community who will be the next generation of throwers?"

Decada: Ten Years of Object Making Keighery Style
by Marilyn Walters

in Heavenly Cups, disposable coffee cups, embossed and dressed in pastel-coloured pearline glazes, sprout wings and float about in an ephemeral teacup ballet.